Reunion IV - Sept 15th, 2018
The VSA UTA Alumni thanks all alumni and guests for a great successful Reunion 4 Event. Please help us to fill-out a survey form and/or Feedback Discussion Forum in the following links: .Survey Form?   Event Feedback?
The Reunion 4 Organization Team
Class of 1970's to 1984
Class of 1985-1992
Class of 1992 to 2000s
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Mr. & Mrs. Cung  Bo
UTA Class of 1977
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Event Organizers

If you have any question or would like to become an event coordinator, please contact one of our organizers.  Thank you.
Bo Cung
Dzuy Vu
Doan-Hanh Tran
Hai (Ron) Nguyen
Duc (Doug) Tran
Nina Dang
Hong-Van Tran
Binh V. Dinh
Duong Binh
Thao Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen
Kristine Dao
Tam Thanh Nguyen