Former Vietnamese Student Association and Alumni of The University of Texas at Arlington
We are a group of Vietnamese Student Association Alumni of The University of Texas at Arlington. It has been many years to come that we realize UTA is located in the heart of Vietnamese Community. Most alumni attended UTA are from local and still live within the Dallas and Fort Worth metro area. A very early group of alumni had only 4-5 students. Today, there are about 500 students enrolled each year. The total Vietnamese students attended UTA since early 1970 to today approximately over 8000. Beside of studying hard to full-fill our academic achievement, UTA VSA Alumni have contributed a lot of efforts in helping Vietnamese locally and internationally. We organized yearly events to raise funds for helping Vietnamese refugees and boat people in 1980’s, provided free English as Second Language classes for Vietnamese new-comers in 1990’s, and organized events to protest our Vietnamese Heritage in 2000’s, etc… Never the less, Former VSA UTA hopes to make a connection that we can see and hear back our old days, to meet our old friends, and at last we look forward to working together in strengthening our friendships and communities.